Rustic Barn

Barn Drinks

This rustic barn transformed into a beautiful cocktail/reception area  with the addition of a few decorations.  Guests enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the country air as they admired the display of old farm tools hung decoratively on the barn walls.  While the guests were entertained at the barn, the wedding party had time to stay at the ceremony area for those very important photographs.

We served drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the barn while the guests stood around little cocktail tables draped in khaki linens. The khaki cloth on the high-top tables made them look like little haystacks which totally blended with our over all decor.  String lighting hung in the barn ceiling giving the barn a festive glow. The stalls and side room really came alive with this lighting. Lighting is very important to setting the right atmosphere for your event. String lighting and chandeliers!

This authentic horse barn is the perfect rustic barn for your dream wedding cocktails! The three horse stalls located on one side of the barn give the barn rustic charm. The large tack room provides a friendly appearance with old farm tools on display. Your guests will enjoy this atmosphere while they wait for your wedding party’s big entrance!